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We invented a groundbreaking hair loss solution called Hair Stranding.

Hair Stranding is a revolutionary new hair loss solution giving thicker and fuller heads of hair to people around the globe. So how does it work?

The process of Hair Stranding starts with our Micro-Strand, a translucent net of strands thinner than hair. These Micro-Strands are attached to your existing hair, one strand at a time through a process called Strand-Locking. Hair is attached to the Micro-Strands, giving you thicker and fuller hair that lasts 3-4 years.

This simple and highly effective technique provides thicker, fuller, and real looking hair while allowing your existing hair to grow freely.

We certify people and companies in Hair Stranding and help you find the nearest Hair Stranding location near you. Hair Stranding is available worldwide and we're growing fast with new Hair Stranding technicians becoming certified everyday.

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